Judge Noreen Harris

Judge Noreen Harris

Noreen Harris

I  show and breed dogs in my home city of Melbourne,

Australia  with my “Bonnymead” prefix.


I am an ANKC & AKC licensed All Breeds judge


I have had the pleasure of breeding many Champions, Best in Show and

Specialty winners, and  top winning Obedience Whippets.


Although being mainly involved with Beagles and Whippets, I have also

owned and exhibited other breeds including Finnish Spitz, Labrador

Retrievers and Greyhounds.  I have handled many other breeds from all groups.

 noreen harris bonnymead

I have had the wonderful opportunity and experience of judging major

shows and specialties in UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium,

Ireland, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan

and of course Australia.


For many years I have been involved in club administration, serving –

The Beagle Club of Victoria, The Whippet Association of Victoria,

The Hound Club of Victoria, the Ladies Kennel Association

, and Lyndhurst Canine Country Club.


I am a Life Member of The Whippet Association of Victoria.

Life Member of the Ladies Kennel Association.

Life Member and Vice-President of Lyndhurst Canine Country Club.

Secretary of The National Whippet Breed Council of Australia.


I was honoured with Life Membership of The Beagle Club of Victoria in 1985

and in 1999 became Patron.